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Why do we have funerals?

Death is celebrated and honoured very differently across the various cultures of the world. Some acknowledge death openly while others are very private. In Australia, we see a general tendency to shy away from death and grief – maybe we think it won’t hurt so much if we don’t have to openly accept what has happened. However, there is much research that shows why we have been having funeral rituals for thousands of years.

People who have experienced loss often reflect on the big questions such as:
  • Why has this happened to me?
  • How will I get through this?
  • What does the future look like without my life partner?
  • How could God let this happen?
A funeral ceremony serves many purposes, including:
  • The opportunity to acknowledge the reality of death and accept the loss
  • Saying goodbye and remembering the good times;
  • Honouring the person who has died;
  • For family and friends to offer their support and share in our grief

Having some type of funeral service helps us deal with the grief we are forced to face.

Funerals support and advice

What kind of funeral do I want?

Because funerals serve many purposes, we understand that one may look very different to another. At Compassionate Funerals Queensland, we specialise in helping you shape a unique, customised ceremony. We have even conducted a funeral service on a front verandah!

There are many options when deciding on a funeral service. Some people choose a traditional service – held in a church and followed by either burial or cremation. Others may prefer the service to be held in a chapel or hall, a graveside service, or perhaps even outside in a garden. We will also discuss who will officiate, and whether you would prefer clergy or a celebrant.

If you have chosen cremation, you may also wish to consider the option of having a private cremation followed by a Memorial Service.

What to expect?

We will listen carefully and then help guide you through all the steps necessary for the arrangement. This will include any legal requirements. We will also coordinate the transfer of your loved one into our care.

Before the funeral image

Before the Funeral

When we first meet, we will together discuss the type of service you would like. We will also talk about viewings, flowers, types of coffins, music, notifications, as well as gathering information for burial applications and registrations with the Qld Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Don’t be overwhelmed with so many things to organise because we are here to help.

On the day of the funeral

On the Day

By now, we have worked closely with you and will be beside you every step of the way. We will do our best to ensure everything comes together the way you had hoped. Even if something unforeseen happens (we cannot always predict hailstorms), our calm and experienced team will ensure a dignified and fitting farewell.

After the service

After the Service

We understand that no-one really wants to deal with a Funeral Director. But it does happen to all of us at some time and at CFQ, we value the relationships we form with our families. We are very privileged they have entrusted us to care for their loved ones. Our relationship often continues after the funeral service. We provide guidance and assistance with grief support and options with cremated remains (ashes).

What do I need to do?

When you meet with us initially, we will need to make decisions regarding burial or cremation. It is helpful if you know the wishes of your loved one – had they ever discussed their preference with you? We will also ask you to think carefully about what clothes you would like your loved one to wear.

We will ask you if you know the Executor of the Will, as this is required for Burial Applications and Applications for Cremation.

Following the burial or cremation, we are required to register the death with the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. In time, this will allow us to provide you with the Death Certificate.

Our experienced team is here to help

Talk to us today about planning a funeral.

Our experienced team is here to help

Talk to us today about planning a funeral.​