When Someone Dies

Someone dies

We'll take care of everything when someone dies

Who needs to be contacted when someone dies?

It depends on where and how the death occurred. (Refer to sections below)

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Need help when someone dies?

When a death is expected…

When someone dies in a hospital or nursing home from a known illness, the family is normally requested to contact a funeral director who will then make arrangements to take the deceased person into their care and ensure that the relevant paperwork is completed.

If a person dies at home and has been recently treated by a doctor, their death will need to be certified by that doctor. As soon as this is done the person can then be transferred into the care of the funeral director.

A treating doctor will complete a ‘Cause of Death Certificate’ which must be obtained by the funeral director prior to a funeral taking place.

When a death is unexpected…

For example, if the death is as a result of an accident, suicide or is suspicious or sudden – the police will need to be notified. They will arrange a Government Contracted Undertaker to remove the body from the scene. Note: Often, the Government Contracted Undertaker will also be a funeral director. There is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to use their services when arranging a funeral.

In this instance, the deceased will normally be under the care of the coroner who will determine the cause of death. Once the coroner has released the body, the funeral can take place.

Someone dies


The deceased person is respectfully and professionally transferred to our fully equipped mortuary where much care is taken to prepare the body for the funeral. This process involves washing, dressing, make up (if required or requested), placing into a coffin or casket. All mortuary care is provided by fully trained and compassionate staff.

In the days following a death, funeral arrangements will need to be made and relevant documents need to be completed. We understand that this is a difficult time and therefore arrangements can be made in our comfortable and private arrangement rooms or in the comfort of your own home by one of our compassionate and experienced Funeral Directors. At this time, your preferences for the funeral will be discussed, including day and time of the service, flowers, newspaper notices, choice of coffin, etc.

On the day of the funeral…

The body is taken by hearse from the mortuary to the venue where the funeral service will take place. The coffin/casket is placed at the front of the church/chapel for the duration of the service. Following the service the cremation or burial takes place either at a crematorium or cemetery of choice.

It is not uncommon for a cremation or burial to take place before a service. In this case, a family has the option of having a unattended burial or cremation, thereby reducing the costs involved.

Paying for funeral services…

There are three main ways of paying for funeral services.


Insurance or Funeral Bonds

Insurance or Funeral Bonds provide the ability to pay for future services at today’s pricing

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Upfront Payment

When funeral is arranged

Discounts are available when a funeral is paid for upfront and in full.

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Funeral Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Allows you to spread the cost of funeral services over regular payments.

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