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Farewell Kitiona

It has been an extremely sad week for many connected to the Samoan community, following the unexpected death of Kitiona Mauli'o. Kit had only just commenced his bible study school in Samoa. Several services have been held for Kitiona, and it was an honour...

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Changing faces at Compassionate Funerals

It’s a season for change and there’s been a big one happening at Compassionate Funerals. After 12 years, Russell and Katrina have handed over the reins to Don and Karen Blue. Don and Karen have owned their own funeral homes in NSW but have finally seen the...

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Christmas doesn’t always equal happy times

Grieving the loss of family and friends is a challenge at any time of year, but Christmas can magnify your loss and mourning. Gatherings and events can be reminders of loss; sitting around the dining table facing an empty chair can remind us of what we...

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