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We'll take care of everything for Seniors Funerals

Seniors Funerals are an opportunity to celebrate a life, filled with many experiences and memories.

Seniors Funeral Services (a registered business and specialist service provided by Compassionate Funerals Queensland) is committed to offering a dignified farewell with our expected professionalism and compassion. We consider your requests an honour to respect and will do whatever we can to make the farewell a memorable experience. Discounts for Seniors Card Holders are available.

Need help with arranging a funeral?

“Dignity Without Debt”

Many of our senior citizens have elderly family and friends – Seniors Funeral Services considers all ages when preparing a service for a departed loved one. Whether it be simple things, like providing umbrellas for shade, or the bigger things, like transport to and from the funeral service, we understand that our seniors deserve respect. Special services for ex-servicemen & women can be respectfully arranged.

In association with Seniors Card Seniors Funeral Services offers a discount on our Service & Professional Fees. We discount the price but we do not compromise the high level of compassionate care and support.

For those unable to cover the cost of a funeral up front, we offer a Funeral Payment Plan, allowing regular payments to be spread over a set period.

We provide guidance in all aspects of arranging a funeral. Pre-arranging and/or Pre-paying your funeral can alleviate the added grief on your family after you have gone. We also provide Information Seminars which are beneficial for church and community groups.

Why not utilise an eTributes page for your loved one?

eTributes is an online memorial where you can place details of the funeral, upload photos, videos and printed material. Family and friends from around the world can also add personalised tributes and memorials.

For more information, please see out our eTributes page or contact us on 1300 552 987.

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