We'll take care of everything for a Pre-arranged Funeral

Discussing a pre-arranged funeral is a topic that has traditionally been avoided. Having to deal with the loss of a loved one can be a difficult experience. The reality is that all of us, as sure as we were born, will die. What your family does not need, on top of their grief, is the added stress of arranging and the unexpected expense of a funeral.

No matter what your age is now, you can pre-arrange your funeral and, if you prefer, make provisions to have it paid for – in advance – in full.

A pre-arranged funeral allows you to decide how your funeral is conducted. It ensures that your wishes are met and relieves your family and friends of the burden of having to arrange a funeral immediately following your death. It also ensures that important information required by the funeral director is already provided – sometimes this information is unknown by surviving family members and finding it places even more strain on them during an already difficult time.

How Does it Work?

We would be pleased to meet with you to make detailed funeral arrangements which will then be recorded and held by both you and us. At the time of death, your family can be assured that all arrangements made by you will be adhered to in an organised and professional manner. Such arrangements can be made whether or not a funeral is pre-paid. There is NO COST for organising a pre-arranged funeral.

Entering a Nursing Home

Most nursing homes will require the name of a Funeral Director upon admission. If the time has come to move to a nursing home, the time has come to pre-arrange a Funeral Service. We can discuss the many options available and put arrangements in place to put your mind at ease.

Need to pre-arrange a funeral?

FREE Planning Ahead Booklet

Read Online! Click the button below to read our personal information booklet for arranging a funeral.

You can also arrange for a FREE hard-copy of the 'Planning Ahead' booklet to be mailed to your home.

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Aged 55 Years or Younger

If you are aged 55 years or younger and in good health, you can utilise the benefits of Funeral Insurance. You are able to select the amount of benefit you wish to be available at your death which will then be used toward the cost of the funeral. Regular and affordable payments are made to the fund with the premium dependent upon your present age.

Unlike other funds which are managed by Insurance Companies, premiums do not increase with age and payments are only made until you are 60, however you are covered until you die. There are no entry or exit fees.

If you are thinking about Funeral Insurance, talk to us first to discuss the options. You can often spend much more in premiums than the benefit you eventually receive. Once you know the options, you can make an informed decision on whether or not insurance is the right option for you.

Aged Over 55 Years?

If you are aged over 55 years you simply invest capital into the bond as a once-off payment or by regular or ad-hoc payments. The Bond then has potential growth through annual bonuses which, at your death, are added to your capital which is then available to use to cover funeral expenses. The funeral bond has no entry or exit fees so you will never have less than your total capital investment.

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For your peace of mind, funds in both plans are held with Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd, a reputable, specialist Funeral Fund Provider which has been assisting Australians since 1935.

Further Information

For further information about pre-arranging your funeral, please phone 1300 552 987 or Contact Us below…

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