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funeral information seminars

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Group Funeral Information Seminars Available

Do you know the information required to make funeral arrangements for a loved-one? How much does a funeral cost? What options are available for pre-arranging and/or pre-paying a funeral? What happens to a body between the time of death and the funeral?

Compassionate Funerals Queensland offers Funeral Information Seminars which are ideal for community and church groups. The session is a once off, one hour FREE presentation which answers the above questions and more. They are NOT ‘sales’ meetings and are designed to raise awareness of a topic that is often not talked about.

Many people have already taken advantage of this free seminar and have taken away vital information of which they had been previously unaware. The Funeral Information Seminars are suitable for all ages and are designed to assist people who may be requiring funeral services soon or in the future, either for themselves or a loved one.

Seminars, held at a your venue or at our fully equipped Chapel at Brendale, are facilitated by our experienced staff and often include expert contributions on matters relating to estate planning, responsibilities of an executor, coping with grief and loss and more.

Why not arrange a Funeral Information Seminar now?

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