We recently asked our Facebook followers if they would consider an outdoor funeral when they pass away. Overwhelmingly, many told us they would have certainly choose outdoor ‘if they could’.

If they could? This response prompted us to do a bit of research, firstly on whether an outdoor funeral is even possible, and secondly, on the best outdoor funeral venues in and around Brisbane. Of course, the choices are plenty if you’re talking about a memorial service without your loved one’s coffin present. However, we were surprised to learn that the options are more limited if you wish to have the coffin at the service, especially if you’re considering a public / council-owned park or beach spot.

Needless to say, our research proved fruitful. We are now a month down the track and we’ve already held a few outdoor funerals in the local area.

Maddie has put together a list of places you might like to hold your ‘outdoor funeral’. In no particular order…

1. ‘Lakeview’, Eaton’s Hill Hotel – Eaton’s Hill, Brisbane



2. Fig Tree Grove, Old Petrie Town – Petrie, Brisbane



3. Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre – The Gap, Brisbane



4. Chapel, Sandstone Point Hotel – Sandstone Point


5. Your own back garden!


We would love to hear from you! Do you have an outdoor spot that you’d love us to know about? Comment on our Facebook page so we can add some more options to our library.

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